We are a company that performs external fixture components, such as: external balustrades, glass roofs, balcony partitions, full glass, suspended balconies, steel stairs,
External balustrades are manufactured in the following technologies: Steel brand, galvanized and powder coated, Steel and galvanized steel post and powder painted, Decorative elements and window panes made of aluminum, powder coated, Aluminum body parts.

Our products and services are sold and assembled not only on the Polish market but also on foreign markets such as Germany or the Scandinavian countries.

On the Warsaw market we have been present since 2011, where our products were assembled between the following companies:
1. Unibep S.A. - realization among others: Residential building at the Warsaw ul. Wyścigowa, ul. Nocznickiego, ul. Cybernetyki, office building on the ul. Rodzin Hiszpańskich.
2. PBM South S.A - realization mi.n.:residential building in Piaseczno ul. Świętojańska, ul. Skoroszewska in Warsaw.
3. NOVUM - realization: residential building on ul.Deblińska in Warsaw, ul. Ceramiczna in Warsaw, ul. Leszno in Warsaw.
4. Tynkbud-1 - a residential building on ul. Saperka in Warsaw.
5. FERRYMAN - realization of a residential building on ul. Warszawska in Piastów.